Through the generosity of grants and sponsorships, lending libraries are being placed in childcare centers. This allows parents to conveniently borrow books to read with their child every day, providing the early literacy skills that prepare children to enter school ready to succeed! The first Parent Lending Library was placed in 2004. There are now 120 Parent Lending Libraries in Polk and Hardee counties. Major sponsors have included the Early Learning Coalition of Polk County, Heartland for Children, Polk County CDBG, Verizon Reads, and Winter Haven CDBG. Parents borrowed over 30,000 books last year and over 3,590 kids have access each month! Ask at your child’s preschool if there is a lending library.

Coming soon: “A Celebration of a Quarter Million Books Borrowed!”

For more information regarding Lending Libraries, please contact Coleen at 863-648-1500 ext. 248 or