Recycle and save for a rainy day at the same time with a Milk Jug Pig! I used to make a pig like this as a Valentine’s Day box to collect and hold Valentine cards from school mates, but it works great as a bank too.


  • Gallon or half gallon milk jug, washed
  • 2 empty toilet paper tubes, cut in half at 45 degree angles as four “legs” (or one paper towel tube). Corks or thread spools will work too.
  • Assorted scraps: pipe cleaners, felt, material scraps, colored paper, ribbons, strings, and sequins and glitter for a fancy pig
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Cut coin slot on the top
  2. Cut ear shapes from paper or felt
  3. Attach the feet and ears to jug using tape or glue (after coloring to make it easier)
  4. Insert tail or glue one on.
  5. Add eyes and a face using markers, crayons or paper. Don’t forget nose holes on the bottle cap!

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