Tax Season

Tax season is quickly approaching and United Way of Central Florida is making it easier than ever to get the refund you deserve and plan for the future.

UWCF has a team of IRS-certified volunteers to prepare taxes for those with a household income of $66,000 or less at no cost to clients. In 2018, more than 1,100 walk-in customers claimed $1.2million in returns and saved a collective $223,800 in fees.

Just visit to file your taxes at no cost to you.

But UWCF doesn’t just want to help you get your refund. Building a savings account to help with emergencies that arise is key to becoming financially stable. Our tax experts can help you split your refund to put some cash into savings.

First, sign up at and split your refund into savings using form 8888 to be eligible for a weekly $100 winner. There will also be two national $10,000, winners!

If you or someone you know has a household income of up to $66,000, please remember UWCF services are free and easy to use.

If you want an IRS certified preparer to help you in person, consult the calendar for dates and times.