Changing lives this holiday season

Emilio is a hard worker.

Working part-time during the day and attending KOE Barber Academy at night, the 24-year-old was having a difficult time staying afloat. Being a barber was Emilio’s dream but the cost of classes was crippling.

United Way of Central Florida helps families and individuals find and maintain financial stability by investing in programs that produce reliable and sustainable results.

Money coaches, like the ones at Personal Finance Center of Polk County, help people improve their credit score, reduce their debt and save for emergencies.

Thanks to supporters like you, Emilio learned to open a savings account, budget, save enough to pay for school and pass the state exam to obtain his Restricted Barber License.

Emilio is now employed at a local barber shop and is sharing everything he learned about managing finances with his friends and family. He even stops by current classes at the Personal Finance Center to share his story with current students.

But becoming financially stable has another benefit for Emilio. He said it feels great to not have to worry about whether or not he could buy his little brother a Christmas present because of the budgeting skills he learned.

Help improve lives and strengthen your community this holiday season. Your support will go towards helping others like Emilio. Thank you.