Healthy Choices Improves Life of 61-Year-Old with Disability

Pauline Derosier is nothing if not determined.

The 61-year-old lives alone in her Avon Park home and credits her independence to NU-HOPE Elder Care’s home meal deliveries, made possible with funding from United Way of Central Florida.

Derosier was born with a congenital heart disorder and has suffered from high blood pressure since she was 19.

Undeterred, Derosier remained as active as possible and often worked two or three jobs when she was younger and raising three children on her own.

As her children grew up and moved away, Derosier experienced additional health challenges that often left her weak and unsteady. In 2006, she had a stroke that left her unable to stand for long periods of time and in need of a wheelchair.

Eating healthy like her mother always taught her was becoming increasingly difficult, physically and financially. In order to regain her health, Derosier knew she needed to bring back the “rainbow of food,” as her mother called it.

“Good nutrition is very important,” Derosier said. “Without it, you cannot stay healthy.”

That’s where NU-HOPE was able to step in and deliver nutritious meals right to her door.

The meals are specially designed to meet the health conditions of seniors, being low in sodium and saturated fats and rich in the nutrients that are essential in maintaining sound health. They are also very easy to prepare.

Now, Derosier is stronger, no longer using a wheelchair and is off her blood pressure medication.

She credits her success to a strong sense of determination, God’s will and eating the proper foods.