Your Company, Your Community

What Does It Mean To Live United?

United Way of Central Florida has been providing services to our communities for over 40 years. It is you, the community members and businesses, who make our work possible. Watch the video above for examples of how Living United impacts local communities and the lives of everyone involved in these services. Imagine the difference we could make if we all Live United.

Why Do So Many People Support United Way?

Thank you for supporting United Way of Central Florida. Jacqueline Byrd, Polk County Public Schools Superintendent; John Steger, Area Coordinator for Mosaic; Shelly Wilkes, President of Lakeland Magic; Dr. Angela Garcia Falconetti, President of Polk State College; and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd share why they Live United.

How can you Live United?

Workplace Campaigns

When you choose to support United Way by running a workplace campaign, you and your employees become a part of a larger community effort. Together, we do more than any single organization can do alone. United Way engages all sectors in high-quality, cost-effective solutions that strengthen our community and workforce.

Your company’s support is a visible sign that you are an active corporate citizen. Studies show that corporate giving and commitment to your community creates a reservoir of goodwill with community leaders, employees and customers.

Inspire Your Team

A workplace campaign brings employees together as they work towards a common goal. Employees and customers are proud to support a business that gives back and strengthens its community.

Strengthen Your Community

Your partnership helps address issues such as hunger, childhood literacy, financial stability, community health and other problems that contribute to low productivity and higher benefit costs. United Way specializes in amplifying your donations with local matches, convening partners to improve efficiency and brokering only the services that produce the best possible return on investment.

UWCF’s funded services are vetted annually by over 150 local volunteers who evaluate each of them and make tough decisions to ensure donor dollars get the best results. These services must make measurable and sustainable change in the lives of the people they touch in order to continue receiving United Way funds.