Highlands County kicks off their 2019 campaign!

United Way of Central Florida Highlands County Division kicked off their 2019 campaign with a celebration hosted by Alan Jay Wildstein!

Over 100 guests were in attendance to support the ongoing work UWCF is doing in Highlands County.

UWCF’s Ansley Woods (VP of Resource Development) started the program off with showcasing a new Highlands County video and explaining much appreciate UWCF has for the Highlands County support.

UWCF’s CEO, Christina Criser Jackson, introduced herself and thanked everyone for coming out to celebrate last year’s success in Highlands County and the foreshadowing of this year’s success.

Sarah Beth Rogers, UWCF’s Highlands County Area Coordinator, introduced herself. She explained how excited she was about given the opportunity to not only grow up in Highlands County, but be able to give back to the community thanks to UWCF.

Jeannie Snively discussed here excitement about Sarah Beth joining the UWCF family and knows that she would do an amazing job. Jeannie Snively was a past Loaned Executive (Ambassador. click here to learn more) and now is the Highlands County Advisory Board Campaign Chair. Also she mentioned that when Sarah Beth and the new Ambassador Gabe Smoak, needs a helping hand in presentations, she will jump in.

Gabe Smoak, Highlands County Sponsored Ambassador, spoke about the impact of Highlands County Pacesetters and with the help of Christina Criser Jackson and Garrett Roberts (Highlands County Advisory Board Chair), handed out awards to those Pacesetters. He thanked every individual and organization represented there and how he is looking forward to meeting everyone of them.

Garrett Roberts recognized his team of volunteers on the Highlands County Advisory Board. He was enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as Highlands County Advisory Board Chair and looking forward to this year’s success.

Thank you to Alan Jay Wildstein for being one of the biggest advocates for UWCF in Highlands County.

The rest of the night, guest continued to mingle and test their metal at go-karting.

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