Crenshaw Leadership Challenge

Accept the challenge, maximize your impact

Interested in making an even greater impact on the Central Florida community with your annual gift? United Way of Central Florida has you covered with the Crenshaw Leadership Challenge match.

Designed to inspire increased giving, the Crenshaw Leadership Challenge is a match program gives Leadership Giving Association members a dollar for dollar match on new donations.

For example, Leadership Givers can increase their annual gift by half of the amount needed to qualify for the next highest LGA level. The Crenshaw Leadership Challenge match will provide the second half of the increase needed to get members to that next level.

LGA members must participate during the 2018 campaign by February 15th to qualify for the match. Individuals accepting the challenge can qualify for the next higher society level by increasing their contribution during this match cycle, and then continue to give at the stated Leadership Giving Association level going forward.

The goal of this match is to elevate current Leadership Giving Association members to higher levels so we can invest more resources in the Central Florida community.

We hope you will accept this challenge.

For more information on the Crenshaw Leadership Challenge, please contact Bob Hawkes at or 863-648-1500, ext. 257.