Funding is Available to help end food insecurities in Polk County.

$255,000 is available to fund seventeen (17) mobile food pantries in Polk County at $15,000 per site. Sites must be located in food-insecure areas of Polk County. Please see map for specific locations. Each $15,000 award includes $12,000 to cover the cost of twenty-four (24) Feeding Tampa Bay food deliveries (two deliveries per month). The $12,000 is to be paid to Feeding Tampa Bay as invoiced at $1,000 per month (two drops at $500 each). Mobile Food Pantry Drops include frozen meats, fresh produce and dairy sufficient for 200-400 families. The remaining $3,000 is available for the program’s administrative/marketing/training expenses. Applicants may apply for funding to serve more than one site ($15,000 for one site; $30,000 for two sites, etc.)


Applications are due by Midnight, Monday, January 27, 2020 via e-mail to: and cc: The UWCF Safety Net Steering Team will announce the funded programs on
February 7, 2020.

Summarized Information
Grant Funds Available: $15,000 per Host Site for Program year March 1, 2020 – April 30, 2020

Questions may be sent to: or

Application Due: Midnight, Monday, January 27, 2020 by e-mail to with cc:
You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Grant Award Notices: Friday, February 7, 2020

United Way of Central Florida seeks to end hunger and food insecurity by providing frozen meat, fresh produce and dairy at seventeen (17) food-insecure locations throughout Polk County. In keeping with its practice of providing holistic services that address the root cause of critical needs, UWCF also seeks to use this opportunity to provide access to financial education, health services and educational opportunities in areas where these services are limited.

Up to seventeen (17) $15,000 grants will be available to multiple applicants with the proven capacity to:
(1) Host food distributions twice a month for a full year (24 distributions). Distributions must take place at the same place and time in order to establish reliable and consistent access to food and additional services (option to renew for second year). Host sites arrange food deliveries with Feeding Tampa Bay.
(2) Market to local customer base to assure the participation of at least 200 families per site. Trucks will deliver sufficient frozen meat, fresh produce and dairy to feed 200 – 400 families for one week.
(3) Recruit and train a minimum of 20 volunteers to assist with food distribution twice a month.
(4) Provide Memorandum of Understandings with collaborative partners verifying access to additional service(s) that help families find and maintain financial stability. Additional resources could include but are not limited to: financial education classes, free tax prep, access to health services (immunizations, school physicals, references to health services), legal aid, educational services (job training, GED, ESL classes, tutoring/homework assistance, sliding fee childcare)
(5) Partner with Feeding Tampa Bay, which requires the following:
a. A signed agency agreement with required documentation
b. Two volunteers/staff members must complete Feeding Tampa Bay training (on-boarding, food handling, program requirements and on-line testing)
c. Data must be electronically tracked and reported as requested by Feeding Tampa Bay (number served and zip code – all requirements are included in training)
d. Acknowledgment that applicant will provide their own distribution materials such as tables, bags, boxes and gloves
e. Must have paved surface for truck to deliver and unload food (driveway, strip mall, parking lot, etc.)
f. All food must be distributed on the day of delivery. Any leftover food must be passed on to alternative source such as shelter or food pantry; no food can be thrown away.
(6) Applicants who do not already partner with United Way of Central Florida must provide:
a. Verification of 501(c) (3) tax exempt status
b. An independent audit
c. Latest filed 990
d. List of Board of Directors with employer and home city
e. Brief history of the program including services provided and numbers of families served.
f. See “Requirements” below for more detail.
(7) UWCF will prioritize applicants who are already partners with both United Way of Central Florida and Feeding Tampa Bay in order to enhance rapid start-up

The grant will be available to non-profit organizations qualified as 501(c) (3) by the IRS as tax exempt. Community Impact Grants may not be used to displace government or any other existing funding.

Selection Process
Applicants will be evaluated by the United Way of Central Florida’s Safety Net Steering Team and will be notified on February 7, 2020.

The proposal must be a maximum of three (3) typed pages, with a 10-point or greater font and no cover page. Responses must be numbered and must correspond to the requirements listed below.


General Information Section
1. Name and address of organization
2. Contact person, title, e-mail address and telephone number
3. Organization’s Mission Statement
4. (New applicants only) Years of operation with brief background of organization’s operations
5. (New applicants only) Describe organization’s current work in 25 words or less
6. Describe the population served
7. (New applicants only) Attach a scanned copy of the IRS determination letter certifying status as 501(c) (3) tax exempt
8. (New applicants only) Attach a copy of your Board of Directors including their local employer and home city; Board must include representation from Polk County.

Proposed Program Section
9. Describe methods your organization will utilize to market to local clients; verify the capacity to bring 200 families to your site.
10. Describe methods used to recruit and train volunteers; verify the capacity to secure at least 20 volunteers twice a month for a full year.
a. Identify one or more potential collaborative partners who can provide additional financial stability, health, education or basic needs services. Be prepared to provide Memo-Of-Understanding if requested.
b. Please identify full or part-time staff needed to carry out the proposed program.
11. Provide written confirmation accepting the conditions required in numbers 1-5 on Page 1 and 2 under “Description”.
12. What other funding sources will be used to support this program?
a. Include any low-cost, no-cost resources (i.e. gifts- in-kind, volunteers).
13. Provide a budget identifying all revenues and expenses related to the requirements of this grant (March 1, 2020 – April 30, 2021. Include the $15,000 (per site) award.

Grant Agreement and Reporting Requirements
Organizations chosen to receive grant funds must sign a grant agreement setting forth the terms and conditions of the grant award. During the grant period, reports must be submitted on-line to UWCF. Reporting requirements include:
• A mid-project interim report and a final report which identifies:
1. Count of clients who received food
2. Number of health and human service referrals
3. Number of volunteers required to implement the program.
4. Monthly, a simple electronic report with client count is also due to Feeding Tampa Bay.

Programs funded by the United Way of Central Florida are required by Partnership Agreement to include the United Way of Central Florida logo on materials supporting the funded program and are required to speak about the impact of the program at campaign rallies and events. Partners are encouraged to participate in the Agency Council, which meets monthly. Funded partners are encouraged to collaborate with each other throughout the year to expand services and improve program quality.